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Pipeline curates the best selection of professional talent so you can save time during your search. As a curated marketplace, we only feature the top rated studios and verified talent. As you search, it's crucial to know the animation type, style, prices and to be able to compare talent side-by-side.



Pipeline makes sure your project budget stays safe, so you can feel confident while you work. We give you honest pricing, show you unbiased reviews, and explain the process in a way that's easy to understand.



Once you've found the perfect match, we'll help you finish your animation project with our project management feature. From setting deadlines to making changes and delivering your final product, Pipeline is your one-stop shop for all your animation needs.

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Magic Carpet Studios

Magic Carpet creates authentic stories for a global audience. Our imaginative tales are shaped by human experiences and crafted by passionate artists for all to enjoy.


I am an artistic and technically proficient 3D Character Artist. I am a visionary who has the proclivity for getting things done and to the utmost efficacy, of which I solemnly take pride in.

Kolanut Productions

Kolanut Productions is a boutique studio that specializes in developing African-inspired IP. KP has developed approximately 100 IPs across multiple genres and age demographics.

Big Grin Productions

Big Grin amplifies authentic stories from passionate storytellers. We support new voices and offer properties for sale, co-production, and direction.

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Gabriel Williams

I'm a passionate Character modeler and sculptor. I really enjoy the design process; taking concept art and making production-ready assets. Building a character's authenticity in design is the most important part of ensuring that your design brings the appeal in not only animation but also images.

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Jessa was kind and caring throughout the session.
Brad Pitt
Actor, Paramount
Jessa was kind and caring throughout the session.
Brad Pitt
Actor, Paramount
Jessa was kind and caring throughout the session.
Brad Pitt
Actor, Paramount
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